Chocolate attack: “Babaevsky”, “Mega Drive” and ESforce Holding announced Battle Hard Challenge, the gaming battle of generations

Brands of chocolate “Babaevsky” and mini-bars with peanuts “Mega Drive” together with ESforce Holding launched a joint campaign Battle Hard Challenge, in which two generations of players fight for the title of winners.

The ambassadors of the Battle Hard Challenge are a well-known esports analyst, ex-captain of the most decorated team in Russia and the CIS, Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov (on the side of “The Fathers” and “Babaevsky”) and esports player, winner of KFC Battle 2019, Leonid Bobruha Cherbukhovsky (for “The Kids” and “Mega Drive”).

On the player chooses the side for which he participates in the project: “The Fathers” or “The Kids”. For completing challenges and participating in interactive games, each registered user is awarded points that fall into the team’s score. Also, the contests winners, which will be organized on a special landing page and as part of the broadcasts of the RuHub Studio, will receive prizes: in-game items, gift sets from the chocolate brands, game peripherals, certificates to electronics stores, etc.

Julia Dorofeeva, Chief Marketing Officer, “United Confectioners” (the owner of  “Babaevsky” and “Mega Drive” brands):

“The issue of contrasting generations is as old as the world, but people of all ages can be united. What unites most gamers and esports fans of different ages? They truly love competitive video games and chocolate! And we decided not only to talk about our brands in an exciting way, but also to consider the confrontation between ‘fathers’ and ‘kids’ through the prism of esports and gaming. We will bring the ‘generations’ face to face in the Battle Hard Challenge, where the older side will be supported by ‘Babaevsky’ chocolate, and the younger ones — by mini-bars with peanuts ‘Mega Drive’”.

Sergey Barkhudaryan, Chief Commercial Officer, ESforce Holding:

“We are happy to welcome our new partners and start our collaboration with a unique interactive campaign that combines two brands. The esports audience is very adventurous, so we decided to involve them in the eternal struggle of generations in a sweet way with valuable prizes. It is expected to be a fierce battle, but no matter which generation wins, chocolate will be the real winner!”

Also, the “Babaevsky” and “Mega Drive” brands will become partners of the international OMEGA League tournament, the final games of which will be held on September 1-6. Within the framework of the partnership, contests, thematic sections and a unique “battle of generations” will be organized. On September 6, at 14:00, there will be the Dota 2 show match between the teams of Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov and Leonid Bobruha Cherbukhovsky, whose participants will be chosen among all those who want to defend the honor of “The Fathers” or “The Kids”.


United Confectioners holding is part of the Guta Group and is the largest confectionery company in Eastern Europe, combining 19 Russian factories, including the largest Moscow enterprises Krasny Oktyabr, Babaevsky Confectionery Concern, and ROT FRONT. According to the results of the international rating “Global Top-100 ‘United Confectioners’” is on the 18th position in terms of sales among the world’s largest manufacturers.

Guta Group is one of the largest multi-industry non-resource holdings in Russia. For more than 20 years, the Group has focused on strategic investments in various production and infrastructure projects. The Group employs more than 25,000 people. Business complexes of the Guta Group are represented in all regions of the Russian Federation. The main companies in the Group are: United Сonfectioners, Guta Bank, Guta Clinic, Guta Development and others.

ESforce Holding is one of the biggest esports organizations in the world and the leader of the Russian esports. The holding encapsulates all esports business sectors: from organizing international tournaments and creating professional content to publishing and advertising.

ESforce Holding’s business include:

●, the most renowned and popular esports club in Russia;

● RuHub Studio, the leading Russian-speaking esports broadcasting studio;

●, the main esports media in CIS;

● EPICENTER, the largest esports tournament series in CIS;

● Yota Arena, esports-entertainment venue.

ESforce’s resources cover more than 90% of the esports audience in Russia and CIS, as well as a significant segment of the international audience. A marketing agency — a member of the holding — ensures the synergy of the holding’s business units with the clients and partners in mind.

ESforce Holding was founded in 2015. In 2018, the holding became a member of a leading : Internet and IT-company of Russia — Mail.Ru Group.

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