Google launches “Stadia” the new video game platform in streaming like Netflix. The official presentation came during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco

The long-awaited entry of Google into the world of video games has finally arrived!

As reported by Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) – Stadia is the platform open to all videogame fans, capable of streaming games on all types of devices.

“Home” optimism Google, which with Stadia will bring the streaming of games to a higher level using YouTube and those who already make game clips on the video platform.

The new platform will also offer immediate access to games without the need to download them, precisely in streaming and through both laptops, desktops, TVs, tablets and smartphones.

Google is not the only one with a streaming video game platform. Nvidia and Sony already have one while Microsoft plans to launch xCloud and Amazon is also ready to follow the same path with its own platform.

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