Our Partners

eSports Activity is happy to announce all of its partners. Thank you for choosing our websites!

GAMING CLUB UNITED GAMERS PL. is a Polish e-sport organization that brings together fans and players from all over Europe. The group of participating players works on Xbox One, PC and PS4 platforms. The group collaborates with leagues, commentators and very important public figures for the national and international export scene. GAMING CLUB UNITED GAMERS PL is available on all social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and on YouTube and Twitch streaming channels”

UNLIMITED CAPABILITIES TEAM [UCT]  is the esport team for the battlefield 5 series created by the collaboration of several Polish protagonists, including GAMING CLUB UNITED GAMERS PL. The team competes in several esport tournaments with the aim of growing more and more

LYSE FOUNDATION was born with the aim of promoting and developing new eSport frontiers. The group participates in competitive activities also through the involvement of various international players. The foundation, chaired and strongly desired by Alessio & Bernardo Berni, includes communication consultants, and players and collaborates with the various opinions of the sector.