The expected 8.20 patch of Fortnite will be released on March 27th. It was announced by Epic Games, the video game development company located in Cary. The new update will include several new features and will fix the many bugs that have been affecting the game for some time and will have the servers offline for maintenance starting at 9:00 am Italian, for the total duration of an hour. Some new features of the 8.20 patch are: the addition of a classified mode and a new limited-time mode called “The floor is lava”, consisting of a Volcano that with its lava will flood the map and will rise more and more, up to dominate every building and do not leave escape routes. Thus, touching the lava, you will begin to lose life points until you die if you do not reach a safe point. Another novelty is the “Poisonous Traps”, in which, if the players trample on them, they are activated by poisoning the target and causing the player to lose health over time due to the poisoning condition immediately, but it is not clear, however, if there will be of the initial damage inflicted by the trap or if it will only be gradual over time.

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