Riot Games is creating an autonomous governing body for the collegiate eSports of League of Legends, in the US

The decision comes weeks after the NCAA BOG (Board of Governors) decided not to establish a framework for eSports governance. The new governing body of Riot Games will remain wholly owned and controlled by the company.

However, it will be structured as a separate division in the same way as its 13 Pro Championships, including the LCS (in the United States) and the LEC (Europe). The collegiate division will have different challenges to face than the professional leagues.

Pro-eSport leagues involve independent and independent teams that control their rights and resources, but the College’s eSports will require buy-in from schools, their campus and conference boundaries, and bureaucratic coordination. The new governing body will be in charge of navigating these reports. A key feature will be an external advisory committee composed of university students and experts in higher education.

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