Event organiser DreamHack has unveiled plans to return to India with its newly-announced DreamHack Delhi.

NODWIN Gaming and Viacom18 have come together with DreamHack to host the event to India’s capital, New Delhi, on December 6–8th at the NSIC Exhibition Ground. It will be live streamed on Viacom18’s VOOT platform.

Marcus Lindmark, Co-CEO of DreamHack discussed the return in a release: “We at DreamHack are happy to return to the great gaming country of India. Last year’s festival in Mumbai was historical as it was the first DreamHack festival ever to be held in Asia. India has a very strong gaming community, which we got to experience first hand during last year’s event. This makes DreamHack Delhi a natural next step in our effort in making the DreamHack experience the perfect culmination of the gaming year in India.”

Over the three days, there will be a LAN party and tournaments on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros., Tekken 7 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Attendees will also be able to enjoy a collection of retro and table-top games with prizes awarded each day. Local streamers will also be invited to the event to stream from a dedicated area.

Akshat Rathee, Founder and CEO of NODWIN Gaming added: “At its core, gaming is about friendships and stories. The bonds we make as friends with our common love for gaming. Nothing signifies that more than DreamHack and its two-decade journey. We at NODWIN Gaming and Viacom18 will put in all our effort to sculpt a DreamHack bigger and better than the last edition. There will be something for everyone at DreamHack Delhi. It’ll be fun, it’ll be a lot of fun.”

DreamHack’s first event in India was DreamHack Mumbai, which took place last year over December 21st-23rd. NODWIN Gaming and Viacom18 worked with DreamHack to produce the event.


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