University of Kentucky has partnered with esports organisation Gen.G esports to build an esports and gaming program.The partnership aims to “develop wholly new pathways for student recruitment, classroom and internship opportunities.”

Chris Park, CEO of Gen.G esports explained the decision to partner with the university in a release: “As rapidly as collegiate esports is already growing, the full power of games to impact students’ lives stems from international community more than from intercollegiate rivalry. We believe the best universities should invest in this vision across the world. The University of Kentucky, with a nationally elite range of academic offerings and an internationally recognised athletic program, is particularly well-equipped to help lead the way.”

University of Kentucky and Gen.G will run a variety of programs throughout their partnership aimed at academic, community, and professional development. The organisation will work to grow the university’s gaming teams and act as a consultant on the construction of a dedicated facility for students to train on-campus.

Eric N. Monday, Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration at University of Kentucky elaborated on the partnership: “This partnership will provide further paths for students to explore these pursuits, using technology – and gaming – as a tool. At the University of Kentucky and at Gen.G, we view gaming, esports and technology as a lens through which prospective, recent and current UK students view their lives and opportunities for lifelong growth and development.”

The newly-announced partners will also work together on a research portfolio to address such as repetitive injury motion in gaming and societal concerns around both gaming and violence.

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