The new 2021 CS:GO year will be opened by the highly anticipated Blast Premier Global Final. 

From January 18 to 24, the past season’s 8 best teams will play for the mega prize money of one million US dollars. The event is planned to be held offline in front of a live audience, however, there is always the possibility that the tournament will be held online due to the pandemic. Today we’ll be taking a look at to look out for heading into the first major CS:GO event of 2021. In addition, we’ll also be going through other information about the event itself such as the schedule and the teams.

BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 Format And Attendees

The Blast Premier Global Final 2021 will be played as a double-elimination tournament; all matches will be decided in best-of-three (Bo3) format. So if a team loses two games, it is eliminated from the event. The grand final of the tournament will be played on January 24, 2020.

The best 8 teams of the Blast Premier Series 2020 have qualified for the Global Final. The participants consist from the Spring Finals, the Fall Finals, and the teams with the highest circuit points from the Blast Premier Circuit (3rd to 6th place). The teams are as follows:

  • Fall Finals (1): Astralis (2nd Place)
  • American Spring Finals (1): Evil Geniuses (1st Place)
  • European Spring Finals (2): Complexity Gaming (1st Place), Team Vitality (2nd Place)
  • Blast Premier Circuit (4): Natus Vincere (8338 Points), G2 Esports (6188 Points), Team Liquid (5488 Points), FURIA Esports (5238 Points)Who Will Win BLAST PREMIER GLOBAL FINAL 2020?

The Road To Finals, How We Got Here

Spring 2020 Finals

On June 15 for Europe and June 16 for North America, the BLAST Premier’s final tournament: Spring 2020 Finals started. According to the spring and autumn series results, 8 teams get to BLAST Premier Global Finals 2020 with a prize pool of $1,000,000. 

Complexity Gaming had an unbeaten run, winning decisively against the likes of FaZe Clan and Team Vitality, and eventually won the European division. On the other side of the pond, the Evil Geniuses took first place in North America, after falling to MiBR in the Upper Bracket Final, but redeeming themselves with a 2-0 win against MiBR in the Grand Final.

BLAST Premier: Fall 2020

BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 started on December 8 and lasted until December 13. 8 teams competed for a ticket to the BLAST Premier Global Final. The French team Vitality was able to cope with the Danes from Astralis in the final, but the French team already had a slot in the global final thanks to their victory in the spring finals. Therefore, a free slot for the Global Finals went to Astralis, who took second place.

Who will win this important CS:GO title

This event will give all attending teams a chance to make a statement and set the course for the rest of year. The newly crowned IEM Global Challenge ended with Dane powerhouse Astralis taking the final against Team Liquid.

It must also be noted that shortly beforehand, Team Vitality was able to beat Astralis at the BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 in the final. 

It’s highly possible that we will get to see another Astralis Team Vitality matchup for the final of this event.

Every CS:GO fan around the globe can look forward to exciting matches; as this format means that there are only high level decision-making matches waiting to be played.

BLAST Premier Global Final 2020 Favorites

Team Vitality and Astralis are being considered the most likely to win the Blast Premier Global Finals 2020.

As in the rest of the world of esports, 2020 for CS:GO was very special, as we saw the scene explode in popularity, especially when it came  to CS:GO betting sites

Instead of in front of arenas with thousands of spectators, the teams and players had to compete almost exclusively online, changing their strats and adapting to the new reality.

This, of course, worked left a good impact on some teams but not for others. Teams that suffer from anxiety while on stage in front of a live audience, undoubtedly got more in the zone and were able to compete at a higher level.

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