Alexander “KaMa” Chenryshov joins to coach the R6 roster.

As a player he has reached several RML finals and claimed 3-4th place in the Six Major Raleigh 2019 with the players from our current roster.

Alexander “KaMa” Chernyshov, R6 roster coach:

“I’ve known the guys for quite some time, we used to play and win together. And now I am becoming their coach. I see a lot of things to work on in terms of team discipline, building an effective training program and getting ready for the next stage of EUL, which is crucial for the team. I’m honored to become The Bear and happy the team gave me a chance to help them up their game.”

Pavel “p4sh4” Kosenko, R6 roster captain:

“There was a time when we had no coach and we came to understand that we needed someone from the outside who could notice subtle, hard to catch nuances when you are focused on your own game as a player. I basically started my pro career with Alex and it was a great experience, he used to be the captain of our previous roster. It was him and Rask who taught me how to play competitively. His experience will help him in his new role as he has a deep knowledge of the game, a tactical focused mind, and fresh ideas that will be very useful for us.”

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You will see our team with a new coach in action at Stage 3 of European League 2021.

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