LVP (GRUP MEDIAPRO) will be in charge of the production of Play In Ascension, a new VALORANT tournament that will offer several teams from the regional EMEA leagues the chance to fight for a place in VCT EMEA.

The summer champions from the VALORANT Challengers have assured a place in the Ascension, the tournament that connects with VCT EMEA.

However, the losers from those matches, that is, the runners-up of each of the VALORANT Challengers, will also have the opportunity to fight to reach the top European tournament through Play In Ascension.

As such, this new VALORANT tournament will feature the participation of the nine finalists from:

  • Rising (Spain),
  • Revolution (France),
  • Birlik (Turkey),
  • Evolution (Germany, Austria and Switzerland),
  • Surge (Eastern Europe),
  • Rinascimento (Italy),
  • Tempest (Portugal),
  • Resilience (MENA)
  • Polaris (Northern Europe)

The nine teams will be divided into three groups of three participants, facing each other in the best-of-one win and winners of each group automatically qualify for the semi-finals, while the second-placed teams will face each other until finally coming down to the fourth semi-finalist.

The group stage will be played entirely on June 22, while the matches between the runners-up of each group will be played the following day.

The semi-finals will be played in the best of three maps on June 26 and the grand final will be played in the best of five maps on June 27.

Both the semi-finals and the final can be followed live on LVP’s Twitch channel.

The winner of the Play In Ascension will accompany the champions of the VALORANT Challengers in their race to secure a place in next season’s VCT EMEA.

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