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By visiting eSports Activity and the websites, web and mobile, of The Betting Coach with the browser set to accept cookies and continuing to browse (ie: closing the popup with the “short” information by selecting the “ACCEPT” button, clicking any of its elements of the page outside the popup, or by selecting the “SAVE AND EXIT” option from the second popup after having given consent to cookies) you consent to the use of cookies as described in this Cookie Policy and in the specific privacy policies of the sites of which TBC Group is proprietary, listed later in this Cookie Policy.

​This Cookie Policy, provided by The Betting Coach, as Data Controller, is intended to illustrate the types and purposes of cookies used by our sites and to explain how to manage your preferences regarding the use of cookies.

1) How to manage consent and denial of cookies

Through the popup displayed on the pages of the sites (and which can also be recalled from this Cookie Policy), you can express your preferences regarding the various types of cookies and also modify them at a later time. These preferences will be recorded in a specific cookie consent management platform (the so-called “CMP”, or “Consent management platform”), developed in compliance with the principles of privacy legislation and according to the guidelines and indications provided by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

​The CMP allows you to give or deny consent at the same time as wide types of cookies, both issued directly by The Betting Coach and by its partners and suppliers; this means that it is not necessary to express a preference for each individual cookie or for each supplier, although the choice for each supplier (“vendor”) is still allowed directly by the CMP. The different types of cookies are identified and classified on the basis of the purposes for which the cookies are issued and used, making their recognition easier and more immediate even by non-specialists in the field.

In the event that you have already expressed your preferences and therefore do not see the popup by opening the site of your interest, know that later in this cookie policy you will find the list of all TBC Group’s domains with a link to the CMP of each.

​In this regard, it is important that you know that the preferences expressed on a site will be valid for the entire second-level domain to which it belongs. This means, for example, that if on the website eSports Activity, you have denied consent to all or some of the cookies belonging to the type “Ads and personalized content, evaluation of advertisements and content, public observations and product development”, browsers will prevent the processing of cookies of the same type.

2) What are cookies

eSports Activity uses cookies or markers, which technically are packets of information sent by a web server to the visitor’s / user’s Internet browser and automatically stored on the device (personal computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) and automatically sent back. to the server at each subsequent access to the site. The cookie can only be used by the web server that issued it (or by any third parties with whom it was originally shared); this means, for example, that the cookies generated by TBC Group cannot be read by the servers managed by third parties.

Some cookies are necessary for the correct provision of the site or useful for its personalized use; in this case, their inhibition could compromise some features of the site.

The Betting Coach may also publish on its sites, directly or through third parties, also advertisements corresponding to your interests deduced on the basis of your online activities and your browsing habits. Please note that if you decide to disable cookies aimed at delivering “targeted” or “behavioral” advertising, the generic advertising banners will continue to be displayed.

By default, almost all web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. Visitors / users can still modify the default configuration, as better illustrated in this same Policy.

For further information regarding the Data Controller of your personal data on eSports Activity, methods of processing itself, categories of Managers and Appointees, and exercise of the rights referred to in Articles. 15-22 of the EU General Regulation 679/2016 (“GDPR”) or further processing relating to the data released during registration for the TBC services, we invite you to consult the Privacy Policy of the individual site or the specific privacy policies for the services provided from The Betting Coach through its own sites or to send an email.

A) Types of Cookies

Persistent cookies: these cookies remain stored on the user/visitor’s device until they expire. They are used in order to facilitate navigation within the site and its correct use, to facilitate access to services that require authentication (avoiding users having to re-enter the authentication credentials each time they access the services), for statistical purposes, to know which areas of the site have been visited, as well as, in some cases, for optimal management of the pages and advertising spaces or to deliver content and advertising in line with the choices made by surfers.

Session cookies: these cookies are not stored permanently on the user/visitor’s device and disappear when the browser is closed. They are used in order to transmit the session identifiers necessary to allow safe and efficient exploration of the site. The session cookies used on Italiaonline sites avoid the use of other IT techniques that are potentially detrimental to the confidentiality of user/visitor navigation and are also used to improve the provision of services.

First-party cookies: they can be both persistent and session; are managed directly by the owner and / or manager of the site and are used, for example, to guarantee its technical functioning (the so-called “technical cookies”) or to keep track of preferences expressed regarding the use of the site itself (for example to view the weather forecast for your city).

Third-party cookies: they too can be both persistent and session; are generated and managed by managers unrelated to the site visited by the user and are used, for example, to know the number of pages visited within the site itself (the so-called “statistical cookies” or “analytics cookies”) or to publish content or advertising on eSports Activity.

B) Main purposes of cookies

Technical cookies: these are cookies necessary to allow navigation of the site and the use of some products and services. They are used, for example, to recognize the user who has authenticated to their e-mail box and keep the session open even when visiting other pages of the site, or to ensure certain site security measures and monitor its correct functioning.

Statistical or “analytics” cookies: these cookies are used to monitor the performance of the site, for example, to find out the number of pages visited or the number of users who have viewed a particular section. In general, the analysis of these cookies generates anonymous and aggregated statistical data without any reference to the identity of the site surfers. They are also useful for evaluating any changes and improvements to be made to the site itself.

eSports Activity – Cookies for storing preferences: these are cookies that are useful for facilitating the correct use of the site by the user and for creating a browsing experience that adheres to the expressed expectations. They are used, for example, to keep track of the chosen language.

Advertising cookies: these cookies are aimed at providing advertising spaces. These cookies are installed directly by Italiaonline or by third parties (for example, partners and suppliers). Some of them are used to calculate the value of the advertising offer, identify individual advertisements and know which ones have been selected and when. Other advertising cookies, such as behavioral cookies and retargeting cookies are used to deduce a browser “profile” of yours and then propose you advertising messages that comply with your behavior on the net (therefore also externally to Italiaonline sites) and presumably in line with your interests. This “profile” is anonymous and the information collected through these cookies does not allow you to trace your identity. Italiaonline also releases advertising cookies on the sites of some partners with which it has entered into specific commercial agreements. To express your preferences regarding these cookies, you can consult the page.

eSports Activity – Social Network cookies: these are cookies that allow you to share the contents of the site you are visiting with other users or to express your opinion on the matter. These cookies are typically used to activate the “Like” or “Follow” functions of Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter, just to name a few. These functions allow Social Networks to identify their users and collect information even while they browse other sites. Italiaonline recommends that you consult the privacy policy of each of the Social Networks you use to find out the purposes and methods of the processing of personal data carried out by them.

Our Websites

On the TBC websites, following a search, the so-called “sponsored links” are also displayed: these are search results purchased from third-party companies that wish to promote themselves through the websites in reference to specific search keywords strictly relevant to the activity carried out by them.

The websites use third-party cookies also for mere statistical purposes, that is, for example, to know the number of pages viewed and the number of unique users, or to understand how users interact with the contents (including advertising) present on the sites and mobile applications.

These cookies also include the Nielsen “Software Development Kit” (“SDK”) cookie.

In particular, here is what happens following the installation of the SDK:

I. Nielsen processes the following personal data of users: IP address, User Agent, Advertising ID (with specific reference to mobile applications), Content ID (understood as the set of codes referring to the detected content, which does not include the URL of the same );

II. Facebook receives users’ personal data through two distinct flows:

a) through the re-direct from the users’ browser, receives the following data in clear text: IP address, relative User Agent, further meta-data included in the re-direct
b) through communication from Nielsen, in encrypted form, Facebook receives the following data: Content ID and Advertising ID.

Since some of the aforementioned personal data, through the Nielsen SDK, are transferred to Facebook in clear text so that such data can be enriched – always on an aggregate basis – with the