The “world of videogames”, since its origins, has represented for curious and passionate, a fundamental step in everyday life.

Born with the idea of entertaining and cheering its users, video games have quickly conquered men and women of all ages, thanks to the many, sudden and always new “clothes” that over the years have been able to wear in order to renewal.

Captivating graphics and increasingly interactive technologies are the basis for the success of a product, considered by many as niche but which actually includes enthusiasts and experts in every corner of the world, gathered in network communities or followers of YouTube channels, created by ” Gamers “better and more daring able to make their passion for games, an important means from which to draw economic benefits and advertising.

The non-quantifiable extent of the phenomenon in terms of numbers has, on the one hand discouraged possible investors in the past, but on the other, given the right time and cultivation ground so that the phenomenon could really be based on solid foundations and not fall into banality.

The growing demand from users and the continuous attention paid by press and TV, has led the electronic games, to create real leagues of professionals, divided into championships, where players from all over the world take to the field ready to fight .

Literally the translation from English into Italian of the word e-Sports is electronic sports, where the letter “e” of the prefix stands for electronic, while the definition of “Sports” is given by the fact that professional videogame players they are real athletes.

What most amazes those who for the first time is close to e-Sports, it is the fact that we find ourselves in front of professional players, real athletes to the full of their physical and mental capabilities, totally distant from the stereotype of the compulsive player that you can easily imagine. In the leagues, e-Sports are organized in tournaments divided according to their different types of video games, the main and most important competitions are:

. SPORTS GAMES: dedicated to sports and managed by commercial groups such as FIFA and PES.

. STRATEGIC GAMES dedicated to StarCraft products, and to MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) such as Dota 2 and League of Legends.

. GAMING SIMULATORY GAMES dedicated to the simulated world of two and four wheels


The e-Sports are a consolidated reality present all over the world, even in Italy, anyone can try starting from less intense challenges online or live, and then win victory after victory to challenges even live with up for grabs important prizes, made available for every single tournament with figures ranging from a few thousand to millions of dollars. and competitions can finally be tackled individually (single player) or teams (teams) based on the game for which you decide to compete.

New goals and important investments for the future will make e-Sports an attractive market for all the economic players of the entire planet.

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