Real Time Strategy, based on strategy and speed, the reasons for their success

RTS, are real-time strategy video games, in which the action is not divided into “shifts” as in traditional wargames. Gamers operate in the game continuously and at any time decide actions and times of intervention. The term “strategy” in this context refers to the fact that the player controls entire armies and not single units or characters. Among the most famous RTS series are the Warcraft and Starcraft series, Command & Conquer, Age of Empires, The Settlers, Europa Universalis and Empire Earth. In this type of esports, those who succeed in imposing their own supremacy over their opponents by submitting enemy commanders are the ones who win. If the first RTS considered the military aspect to be central, thus making the victory coincide with the destruction of the adversaries, in recent years RTS has gained widespread notions of alternative victory that in substance attach greater importance to economic and technological aspects. One of the first examples in this sense appeared in the Age of Empires: you can also win by building and defending a “wonder”, a building that is particularly expensive in terms of resources, therefore only accessible to the player who has invested in the economic field (examples of wonders of Age of Empires are for example the Colosseum or the Pyramids). More modern games such as Rise of Nations have introduced further victory conditions that can be considered representative of overwhelming supremacy in other fields (technological, political, civil, and so on).

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