The first phase of the Fortnite ESL Katowice Royale started yesterday with the part reserved for Polish players, in view of the final races in March

For the first time in its history, IEM Katowice will host a Fortnite competition, called ESL Katowice Royale, in which many of the biggest names in the Epic battle royale community will participate in an attempt to win the fabulous $ 600,000 prize pool.

The competition will be divided into three distinct events: a Solo / Duo event reserved for the Poles (which will give away $ 100,000), an international Solo tournament (again for $ 100,000) and an international Duo tournament (this time for $ 400,000) .

The Solo international tournament will take place on the first of March starting at 12:00; while the Duo event will be played between 2 and 3 March.

The $ 100,000 prize pool of the Solo tournament will be split between the top 20 ranked, with the winner receiving $ 20,000, the second $ 16,000 and down to the twentieth earning $ 1,000.

The winning team of the $ 400,000 Duo tournament, however, will earn $ 80,000 while the twentieth, $ 4,000.

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