Tencent and PUBG Corp., with the aim of strengthening their presence among PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS, organize a new one-year event with the $ 2M prize pool

The event follows a series of PUBSP Mobile initiatives over the past 12 months, including the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge which has seen a $ 600K prize pool and a final at the Dubai Festival Arena.

The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 will be split into spring and autumn splits that have their jackpots and a global final, with the Global Space Spring Finals to be held in July. No details were made of how events would otherwise have been formatted. The division of the event’s prize pools between spring and summer has not been released.

This new one-year structure represents a major commitment from Tencent and PUBG Corp. as they have increased the total prize pool by almost four times that of last year’s PUBG Mobile Star Challenge. A PUBG Mobile publication stated that over 5,000 people participated in the Star Challenge finals in Dubai.

Tencent also worked with PUBG Corp. in January to support OPPO PUBG Mobile India Series, an open tournament with a prize pool of $ 142,000. This event was sponsored by the smartphone brand OPPO which provided products for the event as an additional prize.

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