Becker College, in collaboration with Team Genji and Helix eSports presents the first “path to pro” for Apex Legends, which combines export with higher education

The top Apex Legends high school players will have the opportunity to enter Becker College through export.

According to Becker College’s general director for export, Timothy Loew, “the goal is to give the best Apex Legends players a unique opportunity to combine their talents with education. As the site of the first university export program in Massachusetts and the first degree course in export management in the United States, Becker College is proud to shape the future of competitive gaming in collaboration with two of the leading exporting brands: Genji and Helix ” .

To be admitted to the scholarship, the aspirants and also the students of Becker College will be able to participate in the Helix Esports Apex Legends Combine Tournament at the beginning of April.

In this event, aspiring fellows will be evaluated by the Genji Team’s big data analysis platform and Becker College staff. The most deserving players, according to the data collected during the tournament, will be invited to apply to the College (or to receive the scholarship if already registered). The best players will then be eligible to receive a one-time $ 5,000 scholarship.

Furthermore, those who can enjoy the scholarship will also be granted access to the new Apex Legends college competitive team in anticipation of the college championships.

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