The PlayStation 5 is coming, the new Sony console completely redesigned starting from the components

The multinational company has indeed revealed the first official features.

The next-gen console will be based on the third generation of 8-core and 7nm AMD Ryzen Zen 2 processors and a graphics card from the Radeon Navi family that will support ray tracing technology and 8K resolution, as well as a 3D audio chip that allows you to listen a sound reproduced at 360 degrees. THE

The debut of the final console will take place between March and December 2020 and will be equipped with an SSD, an evolution of the classic hard drives, able to reduce loading times. In fact, during a demonstration the non-definitive version of the console loaded a rapid move of Marvel’s Spider-Man in 0.8 seconds against the 15 seconds needed on the PlayStation 4 Pro. The new PS5 will be compatible with all PlayStation 4 titles and there will be in fact a period in which several games will be published on both platforms. Videogame creator Mark Cerny claims that PS5 will be offered at a price not too high, compared to what will be its performance.

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