The Pittsburgh Knights esport organization has partnered with SmileDirectClub and named it a “trusted smile partner”

SmileDirectClub, a manufacturer of teeth alignment and bleaching products, is the last sponsor of the Pittsburgh Knights.

This marks the first sponsorship of export for SmileDirectClub, which will be the “trusted partner of the smile” of the team.

Knights players and streamer will use SmileDirectClub products and the company will sponsor a series of weekly videos

SmileDirectClub creates invisible aligners that patients wear to adjust their teeth and the process is performed remotely without visits to the orthodontist. The Nashville-based company also sells a tooth whitening product and will be the official trusted partner in the Pittsburgh Knights’ smiles. “

SmileDirectClub will also sponsor a new series of Knights weekly videos, as well as offering gifts to product fans. Knights players will appear in the Atlanta SmileShop company this summer, allowing fans to compete against the pros.

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