Astro Gaming, the well-known manufacturer of earphones and gaming peripherals, has formalized its partnership in the Tekken World Tour

Bandai Namco Entertainment and Astro Gaming have signed new official partnership agreements for the Tekken World Tour, increasing prize pools to $ 100K

The company will provide MixAmp earphones and accessories for Tekken World Tour events, as well as prizes for Master tournament winners.
This weekend’s Combo Breaker event in St. Charles, Illinois, was the first Master tournament this season in the United States.

Finally, Astro Gaming will sponsor a series of online tournaments called Astro Path to Tekken Masters, powered by Beyond Entertainment. The events will provide cash and hardware prizes, as well as travel arrangements and entry to the Tekken World Tour events.

This year’s Tekken World Tour season includes more than 25 total events, as announced in March, including tournaments in new venues such as Dubai, Toronto and Athens. It also includes the Evolution Championship Series (Evo) 2019 tournament in Las Vegas, which was not part of the 2018 Tekken World Tour.

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