Analytical agency Esports Charts has entered a partnership with Ukraine-based event organiser StarLadder.

The deal will see Esports Charts provide reports on StarLadder tournaments and the larger industry to the organiser. In return, StarLadder will supply data for forecasting and analytical purposes.

Earlier this month, Esports Charts announced a partnership with TSM that has similar terms as this deal.

Ivan Danishevsky, Founder of Esports Charts commented on the partnership in a release: “Together we make the esports market not only better, more beautiful, more transparent, but also more attractive to new brands and big sponsors – who will be pleased with the results of advertising campaigns of any size, not in the least thanks to our analytics.”

StarLadder has been hosting esports tournaments since 2001, mostly on Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Its latest event, StarLadder Berlin Major, reached a peak viewership of 837,748 with an average viewership of 349,227, according to its new partner.

Gene Hladki, CPO at StarLadder added: “As an international brand with Ukrainian roots, we are very pleased to see more and more Ukrainian startups working in the global esports market. From their very first day, Esports Charts proved their seriousness and staying power to everyone: all the largest players on the market rely on their analytics. And, of course, we are very impressed with their professionalism and pedantry.”

Esports Insider says: StarLadder serves different audiences through its numerous event. Receiving precise data about its audience and social media reach will undoubtedly help in its decision making moving forward. At the same time, Esports Charts will likely benefit from this deal by broadening its perception and understanding of the industry.


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