Esports-dedicated bookmaker LOOT.BET has announced its involvement with the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).

Joining as an anti-corruption supporter and part of ESIC’s betting alert network the bookmaker will provide internal data for initiating and conducting investigations.

Ian Smith, Commissioner of Esports Integrity Commission commented in a release: “In reaching our goal which is to make esports as fair as possible, bookmakers play a crucial role since their internal data analysis makes it easier to recognize the signs of a rigged match. We’ve been working in cooperation with LOOT.BET for months by now, and the bookmaker proved their readiness for full collaboration and has already helped us in one of our investigations.

“We’re glad to officially welcome LOOT.BET as our new Anti Corruption Supporter. We believe that signing the Memorandum of Understanding with them is another step towards the future where esports is free from corruption and fraud.”

Esports Integrity Commission recently announced its rebrand from Esports Integrity Coalition at ESI London. The not-for-profit explained it had changed its identity to “more meaningfully target the integrity needs of the esports industry.”

Paul Brel, Head of Communications at Livestream Ltd added: “As a major esports bookmaker, we’re deeply interested in high trust not only in our brand in particular but in betting and esports in general. .

“ESIC’s infrastructure, experience, and expertise will help us and the whole industry to more effectively detect match-fixing and protect ourselves as well as our customers from possible harm caused by third party’s illicit activities. Besides, we’re happy to join ESIC as a regular sponsor of esports events since, in this status, we’re standing for those tournaments’ integrity more than anyone else.”


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