WorldGaming Network, in partnership with Alibaba Sports, has announced that it will host the World Electronics Sports Games (WESG) North American Regional Finals.

They will host a combined event for both the United States and Canada, with a total prize pool of $230,000 (£187,000).

Wim Stocks, General Manager and CEO of WorldGaming Network and Collegiate StarLeague commented: “After the success of 2018’s WESG qualifiers and finals, the WorldGaming Network team is ecstatic to be returning this year as the Official Tournament Operator for the North American events. Working with Alibaba Sports to host these tournaments is an incredible honor and we are delighted to have the opportunity to use our platform to continue supporting the amazing community of amateur esports gamers around the world.”

Players across both nations will compete in events on Dota 2, StarCraft II, eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (split between male and female competitors). The event, which will select teams to compete at the WESG Grand Finals, will take place December 7-8th.

Jason Fung, Senior Director, Global Esports at Alibaba Sports added: “WorldGaming has done a fantastic job last year with WESG North America and we look forward to continuing our success this season. We want to promote esports at all competition levels and bring more opportunities like WESG to passionate fans around the world.”

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