Media network and tournament platform eSports Pro League (ESPL) has been announced, with intentions of it being launched in “early 2020.”

Mobile games publisher and digital entertainment company iCandy Interactive co-founded the company alongside behavioural data firm Sedania Innovator Berhad.

eSports Pro League, which will also be known as eSports Pte Ltd., aims to build an ecosystem around publishers, players, teams, brands, and media. It intends to create a “Bedroom-to-Champion pathway” for aspiring professional players.

Michael Broda, CEO of eSports Pro League discussed the venture in a release: “We are very excited to launch the first season of the eSports Pro League in February 2020. Response from our international partners has been overwhelmingly positive. There is so much interest in ESPL.”

The company will run online and offline tournaments in collaboration with third-party organisers and game publishers. It will initially host tournaments in 16 countries – throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas – from February to December 2020. Even though eSports Pro League’s focus will be set on mobile games, it will also run tournaments on PC and console games.

It’ll be stationed in Singapore with offices also in Cologne, Germany and Los Angeles, USA.

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