Torque Esports Corp., Frankly Inc., and WinView, Inc. have agreed to combine forces to form an “integrated news, gaming, sports, and esports platform” called Engine Media.

The company will be co-led by Darren Cox, CEO of Torque Esports and Lou Schwartz, CEO of Frankly. Tom Rogers, Executive Chairman of WinView, who also serves as Chairman of Frankly, will serve as Executive Chairman of Engine Media.

Cox commented on the venture in a release: “The esports industry is ‘racing’ forward with more than 400 million current esports viewers around the globe. With a leadership position in esports racing, including a global television show; analytics and measurement of esports streaming; and an array of tournaments geared toward the most popular esports games, ENGINE will be positioned to ‘accelerate’ multiple revenue streams for the esports industry…”

The three companies will combine to bring together a number of assets. Those that pertain to esports and gaming include mobile developer Eden Games, esports data platform Stream Hatchet, an esports arena in Miami, the WinView patent portfolio, Allinsports, and World’s Fastest Gamer.

Schwartz added:“Having been involved for many years in the distribution of online video, it has become clear to me that there is a strong need for a company that can serve the commercial interests of news and sports media outlets in a world where consumers increasingly consume content through a mobile device or expect an interactive experience rather than passive viewing…”


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