German organisation Berlin International Gaming (BIG) has entered a long-term partnership with digital marketplace platform SkinBaron.
SkinBaron will now represent an official partner of the organisation with a focus of introducing BIG’s international fan base to a trustworthy marketplace for trading skins

The deal arrangement additionally promises “a multitude of exciting activities coming with our new partnership,” according to a release.

Daniel Finkler, CEO of BIG commented on the partnership: “We’re thrilled to join forces with SkinBaron, as our official partner for buying your favorite digital items. SkinBaron established itself as one of the most trustworthy and reliable marketplaces for digital items on a global level. Based in Bavaria, Germany, SkinBaron sets the industry standards and works steadily on improving the services for people who want to buy their beloved skins. Welcome to BIG, SkinBaron!”

Founded in January 2017, BIG has grown into one of Germany’s leading esports organisations. It’s also partnered with the likes OMEN by HP, Betway, CORSAIR, Hörluchs, and Backforce.

A representative for SkinBaron spoke towards the importance of having support from a local presence: “We are pleased to announce our sponsorship for the well known Berlin International Gaming. As a company based in Germany, SkinBaron always focused its marketing activities around the local CS:GO community.

“That’s why it has always been clear to us that it has to be BIG, if we want to work together with any Team. BIG’s coach “tow b” is one of the founders of SkinBaron and we believe in a great future for BIG in 2020 and beyond! That’s why we committed ourselves to a long term partnership that goes well into 2021.”


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