Mineski has unveiled the opening its global headquarters in the Santolan Town Plaza of San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The headquarters will be used as an office and will also have spaces for training, streaming, and video production for its esports athletes and influencers.

Mineski’s global headquarters features broadcast studios, streaming rooms, video editing, sound production, and production facilities. While San Juan is now the largest facility owned by the organisation, it plans to open additional locations across Southeast Asia in the future.

Mineski is an organisation that focuses on Southeast Asia and mploys over 200 people. It owns over 130 cyber-cafes across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, and an esports media outlet. It also houses competitive teams in titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Ronald Robins, Founder and CEO of Mineski had this to say about the facility: “Mineski believes in collaboration and in a win-win solution for all in the esports space. We believe in creating a positive impact in the communities where we operate and our new HQ will enable us to fulfill this vision.”

The organisation has other branches, too. Mineski Academy provides esports curriculum development and helps with building career opportunities, Mineski Talents manages athletes and influencers, and Mineski Tech provides solutions to its partners for gaming gear.


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