PUBG Corp. has finally announced its plans for the 2020 season of its official esports initiative.
The inaugural season of PUBG Corp. taking control of its competitive scene wrapped up on November 24th with the PUBG Global Championship.

The developer plans to host four global events – under the banner of the PUBG Global Series – which are all said to be of a similar scale and “prestige” as this year’s PUBG Global Championship. The events will be hosted in April, July, October, and November, with the first event taking place in Berlin. Other “major cities” will be disclosed at a later date.

The six regional leagues introduced at the top of 2019 will now act as open qualifiers that feeds “the region’s teams into each PGS event,” utilising both online and offline elements. This change means that teams are no longer required to reside in Berlin for the PUBG Europe League and Los Angeles for the National PUBG League, for example.

PUBG Corp. has also announced that it’s bolstering its revenue sharing efforts in the new year. It plans to create in-game items for each event in the PUBG Global Series, supplementing prize pools and going towards participating teams.

PUBG Mobile’s plans for its esports efforts in 2020 were revealed earlier this month. The competitive scene will be divided into four levels, with the overall prize pool for the year topping $5 million (£3,851,059).


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