Chinese esports organisation LGD Gaming announced a rebrand during its 10th anniversary celebration in Hangzhou.

At the ceremony, the organisation revealed an update to its brand by unveiling a new logo, club mascot, song, and spokesmen.

Hongkai Qiu was selected as the spokesman of LGD.REC and Chuyu Peng was announced as the spokesman of PSG.LGD. Lingyu Zhou, Chief Brand Officer of LGD Gaming explained that the new meaning of LGD is ‘Legend, Gladiator, and Dedicate.’

Founded in 2009, LGD Gaming has become one of the most prominent Chinese esports organisations, currently housing 13 competitive rosters. In 2017, LGD Gaming raised 30 million yuan (£3.27 million) in its Series A round and established its base in Hangzhou. In 2018, the organisation Gaming launched a partnership with French football club Paris Saint-Germain and, this year, it launched a joint venture with Team Reciprocity.

Jie Pan, CEO of LGD Gaming commented on the changes: “In these ten years, we were constantly dedicated to developing and popularizing esports. Compared with the public misunderstanding to esports at the initial stage, current esports is gradually recognized by the public. With the development of LGD Gaming, the club has been expanding its influence and completed the business expansion from Hangzhou to the world. Actually, the huge success is inseparable from the effort devoted by every staff at LGD.”


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