Esports entertainment company Allied Esports has established a partnership with Chinese esports company Wanyoo.

Wanyoo is said the operate the “largest network of esports centers in China” and is now an affiliate member of the Allied Esports Property Network.

As part of the multi-year agreement, Allied Esports will utilise its global resources to accelerate Wanyoo’s overseas expansion. In return, Wanyoo will help Allied Esports to promote its brand in China.

Fran Ng, CEO of Allied Esports Entertainment commented on the alliance in a release: “Allied Esports wants to partner with like-minded companies to develop an ecosystem of global facilities and events where gamers can compete, share experiences and create contents, live and in person. By joining forces with an industry innovator like Wanyoo, we have the opportunity to grow our brand and scale our footprint at an incredible rate, while providing gamers with new and exciting ways to fulfil their passion for esports entertainment.”

Allied Esports will test a “destination VIP bootcamp program” for Wanyoo’s customers in 2020 that acts as a loyalty offering or a purchasable package at select locations. The program looks to provide access to venues, coaches, and organisations for aspiring professional players.

Feng Huang, CEO of Play For Dream Group added: “As one of our most important strategies, we have never stopped promoting the process of globalization and are always looking for partners to enhance our global expansion with a focus on markets where we have seen strong demand and growth prospects. We are positioning our business for the future by creating a more effective, global framework to serve gamers worldwide. Wanyoo aims to become the leading esports community in the world.”


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