Esports Integrity Commission has introduced an initiative that will see regulations introduced to talent and player agents.

The aim of the initiative is to safeguard players and professional integrity when it comes to talent agent operations.

Esports Integrity Commission has brought in existing shareholders from the talent agent space to form a subcommittee, providing recommendations and guidance to commissioner Ian Smith. The likes of Evolved Talent Agency, SEG Esports, The Culleen Agency, R3PREZ3NT, FTW Talent, and Prodigy Agency are all involved.

Stephen Hanna, Director of Global Strategy and Partnerships at Esports Integrity Commission, discussed the decision in a release: “Consistent and proportional regulatory frameworks in high risk areas are an important component of the longevity of the esports industry. This is particularly the case in the talent agency role, where agents are often dealing with young people and their careers. ESIC has taken an ‘industry led’ approach to the procurement of a first scheme of regulation, by convening a subcommittee to inform the scheme.

“We hope that, at the conclusion of this exercise, we will have a scheme which will instill confidence in talent agents enrolled in the scheme while also reducing overall risk associated with talent agency operation.”

Ryan Morrison, CEO of Evolved Talent Agency, spoke on partnership with ESIC for the initiative: “As a pioneer of esports player representation, the team at Evolved has fought fervently for player rights for several years and established itself as the first licensed esports agency in California.

“We recognize the good work of the Esports Integrity Commission and we look forward to working with ESIC to develop high standards for esports agents around the world designed to increase transparency and accountability within the industry. Partnering with ESIC is another step in our common pursuit to build a more sustainable esports ecosystem that fosters trust and confidence among players, agents, organizations, brands and fans.”


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