Esports events company Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC) has brewed up a one-year partnership with Madrinas Coffee.

The first order of the collaboration is a new fan-focused competition, Madrinas: Meet Your Match! The four-week tournament series will be held every Monday throughout February.

Madrinas: Meet Your Match! will pit players from around the world against UGC and Madrinas staff across titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Halo. Competitors will be selected from the UGC Esports Discord, and both players and viewers on Twitch will have the opportunity to win Madrinas products. The series will be broadcast from UGC’s in-house studio.

Matt Jackson, Founder and CEO of UGC, commented on the partnership in a release: “We resonated with the Madrinas vision of community building and saw a great opportunity to partner with them on this first activation and onward. As a company, UGC has always maintained a ‘for the community, by the community’ position, and what better way to celebrate that than playing games with our supporters and giving out amazing, organic coffee.”

The partnership has its own landing page on the UGC Events website, and both companies plan to continue producing content in order to develop long-term brand sentiment with fans and consumers.

Alex Davis, Co-founder of Madrinas Coffee, added: “We’re stoked for this new partnership with UGC. Working with them to bring fun, competitive content to both our channels will be an awesome way for competitors out there to earn Madrinas if they practice hard enough. Growing up, I remember all the local and regional tournaments that would give out different prizes for winning, so to be able to make Madrinas available through competition for this generation of competitors will bring a fun, fresh energy to our partnership with UGC.”


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