Esports sponsorship marketplace Uconnect Esports has partnered with Twitch Student, HyperX, Cooler Master and DreamHack for 2020.

The partners will support and sponsor collegiate esports organisations and events on Uconnect Esports’ platform.

Dylan Liu, Founder and CEO of Uconnect Esports, spoke on the company’s mission in a release: “As organization leaders of the first generation of collegiate esports, our goal at Uconnect Esports is to open an entire ecosystem for sponsorships and support. Collegiate esports is a new space for many brands and collegiate administrators.

“We are helping both sides enter the ecosystem while prioritizing students. We want to make sure that these organizations and this ecosystem continue to be led and driven by students, with the support of administrators and brands.”

Launched in August 2019, over 120 collegiate esports and gaming organisations are said to have been incorporated onto Uconnect Esports’ platform, facilitating over 160 sponsorships across a total of eight brands.

The partnership with DreamHack will see them collaborate on a new esports summit titled “Collegiate Rising, powered by Twitch Student’ featuring speakers from university administrators up to “former collegiate leaders now working for major brands.”


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