Swedish esports tournament platform Epulze has announced the launch of regional Dota 2 leagues which are scheduled to begin in May.

The structure looks to provide a chance for amateur players to practice and compete in an organised environment.

The venture, which is described as a series of “global Dota 2 leagues,” will take place across seven regions and with a $24,000 (£19,016) prize pool that will be distributed across all regions.

Pontus Lövgren, Co-founder and CPO of Epulze, commented on the cinitiative in a release: “At Epulze we have always been passionate about growing grassroots esports. We believe that everybody should have a chance to compete in a fun and engaging environment! We’re very excited to launch these regional leagues and offer teams an ecosystem with multiple divisions where you can grow, both as a player and as a team.”

Each regional league will have three divisions, with the third division being closed to those who are low-ranked to provide a level playing field for amateur players.

The seven regions that will be involved are Europe, CIS, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East and Africa. Registration for the regional leagues is open now, with qualifiers taking place on May 2nd-3rd.

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