Optical provider Zenni has announced its esports expansion with a series of partnerships across multiple esports titles.

The expansion sees the company renew its partnership with Golden Guardians, in addition to welcoming Houston Outlaws and Pittsburgh Knights as partners.

Zenni will operate in tandem with its three partners to produce content designed “to benefit the entire gaming community” and promote eye health education such as the technology inherent in its blue light blocking lens line, Blokz. Moreover, the company will debut its gaming-dedicated social media platforms to highlight events, giveaways, limited-edition collaborative products, and other goods pertaining to its partners.

Sean Pate, Brand Communications Officer for Zenni, commented on the expansion in a release: “We’ve been extremely pleased with our initial foray into esports and are looking forward to collaborating more with the community to educate and reinforce the importance of eye protection when gaming. We believe our Blokz lens technology has an endemic place within the esports world, and we’re eager to share its value with a larger audience in 2020. Whether you’re a pro player or casual gamer, Zenni Blokz protect your eyes from blue light and help reduce eye strain to improve performance.”

The optical retailer plans on broadening its activations at gaming events once live operations resume following COVID-19. The release also noted that Zenni intends to keep “building its roster of influencers” which is said to be strengthened by the Pittsburgh Knights and its partnership with Grammy Award-winning rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Lori Burgess, COO of Beasley Esports, expressed her excitement on behalf of Houston Outlaws: “The Houston Outlaws are thrilled to be part of Zenni Gaming and Zenni’s commitment to esports. As one of the Overwatch League’s most popular teams, the Outlaws are excited to introduce gamers to Zenni’s wide range of Blokz glasses that will prevent eye strain and block blue light for our team in their quest to win!”

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