The Spanish Rugby Federation has decided to invest in the eSport market; presented its first eSport Rugby League.

Competitive gaming, also known as eSports, continues its steady growth. The value of the global eSports market is to surpass a whopping $1.6 billion mark by 2024. The eSports viewership is proportionately growing, projected to reach up to 519 million by 2024. In recent years, major soccer and basketball clubs realized the benefits of entering the eSports market.

Regarding Rugby, the intention of President Alfonso Feijoo is to create a competition on a national level, to then also participate in international events.

La Liga Rugby eSports will be composed of the Spanish clubs that will be represented by the players of the video game Rugby 2020. During the quarantine period, the federation started the first events, with the support of Valengame.

With the participation of 34 teams, the first tournament ended with the victory of CR Monastil Elda, who beat Quimic Equip Rugby in the final.

Rugby in Spain is registering important numbers for the growth of a sport that has traditionally been overshadowed by far more popular disciplines, such as football, basketball and motorsport. However, the FER (FederaciĆ³n EspaƱola de Rugby) is confident that entry into the world of esports can benefit a young and growing movement like that of Spanish 15-a-side rugby.

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