Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao has announced his farewell to the competitive League of Legends scene due to injuries and poor health.

People of eSports and in particular of the League of Legends world, greet with affection, one of its most known and successful players of these years: UZI

The news of his farewell to the competitive landscape has been made official by the player himself in these days, forced to stop for recurrent health problems and at the invitation of the doctors who have visited him in recent years.

To stop the 24 year old player, were the continuous pains in the arms and legs, the result of the many hours of training and battles that Uzi has collected over time. Before the 2020 spring season, Uzi was even advised to rest.

During his career as a legendary ADC and Nike testimonial (in a campaign that also included LeBron James among the protagonists), Uzi suffered from pain in the arms, shoulders and legs. Playing League of Legends for hours has put his health to the test, preventing him from always competing at the highest levels.

In January, Uzi won the Person of the Year award at the annual awards ceremony organized by Weibo, beating quite a few celebrities of his compatriots.

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