Aprilia presented its new Racing eSport team. The Spanish professional player Francisco Santiago Marín will compete in the virtual world.

The player will fight for the eSport MotoGP title with the virtual RS-GP

Aprilia has introduced the Aprilia Racing eSport team which is ready to debut in the MotoSG eSport 2020 championship.

The motorcycle team has always been a point of reference for young cyclists and now embraces the world of games with the same desire for victory that has always distinguished it.

After witnessing the challenges of the virtual MotoGP Grand Prix with the stars of the premier class during the block, now the joypads are about to return to the hands of professional players who will compete in the Gobal series of the eSport MotoGP 2020 championship.

Ready for the magical final phase of the most important virtual championship on two wheels, there will also be the Aprilia Racing eSport Aprilia RS-GP which will be able to count on the experience of the Spanish driver Francisco Santiago Marín.

Better known in the world of eSports as EleGhosT555, Francisco will be one of the eleven players who will fight for the 2020 title:

the 22 year old driver from Cadiz is one of the pretenders to the final victory after the second place in 2018, the season that saw him in his debut.

On the other hand, the reserve driver of the Aprilia Racing eSport team will be the 23 year old Catalan debutant Joel Pedrosa (Joel_Clay).

The final phase of the MotoGP eSport 2020 championship involves 4 rounds for a total of eight races that will be played using the official MotoGP video game, MotoGP 20.

Selected after a very competitive phase, the best 11 professional players in the world will be on the starting grid and each of them will represent a team that is currently part of the MotoGP World Championship.

This virtual world championship has been very successful in the last season thanks to its diffusion in 5 continents through 15 broadcasters, reaching as many as 64 million fans.

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