Starting today, the Dota 2 EPIC League season 2 games will be streamed from a new thematic studio — RuHub saloon in the Wild West!

In addition to thorny cacti, powder barrels, a real buffalo skull and other themed decorations, casters in western costumes await the audience.

The first match in this setting will be held between the new roster and the team of Alexey “Solo” Berezin — Just Error. “This city has become too small for the two of them,” and today at 16:00 on Dota 2 RuHub we will know whose revolver shoots just as straight.

Epic Esports Events: “This time we decided to move away from the usual themes for Dota 2 tournaments and turned to the Wild West. Classic Hollywood westerns such as Sergio Leone’s trilogy are imbued with the spirit of competition, the spirit of uncompromising struggle, which attracts millions of people around the world to the Dota 2 scene.” 

Matches of Epic Esports Events’ EPIC League will be held in two divisions in Europe/CIS region from October 29 to December 13. The prize pool of the first division is $500 000, and $50 000 is planned for the second one. First division participants are, NAVI, Alliance, Team Liquid, Nigma,, OG и Secret. The group stage for the first division will be held from November 12 to December 5.

Epic Esports Events

has garnered international fame following the conception of its flagship series, the EPICENTER, in 2016, in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Featuring the greatest esports athletes from all regions of the world, the EPICENTER gathers tens of millions of viewers worldwide, its venues always packed to the brim during the grand finals. The organizers have claimed multiple prestigious awards such as EUBEA, Eventex, MarSpo, BISPO, BEMA, and Sport Leaders Awards.

Over the years, EEE has partnered with a plethora of brands to deliver the best international tournament series experience: Parimatch League, MegaFon Winter Clash, Adrenaline Cyber League, KFC Battle, and others. Epic Esports Events is a member of ESforce holding.

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