LVP (MEDIAPRO Group) has reached an agreement with Riot Games to operate the most important VALORANT competitions to be held throughout 2021 in Spain.

In this way, LVP will continue to develop the ecosystem of the new shooter that it has been committed to since its beta phase in April, when it produced the first competition in our country, King of the Beta.

LVP will launch the VALORANT Rising Series in 2021, a set of four qualifying tournaments open from January, whose qualifiers will be played online at ArenaGG, and which will lead to face-to-face finals, scheduled for the month of November. Each of these tournaments, which will last two weeks, will be open to players with a high rank within the game and will feature the official broadcast of LVP from the quarterfinal phase.

The teams participating in the tournaments will accumulate points according to their classification, so that the best 8 will access a group stage. Only the best four teams will get a ticket to the semifinals, from which the two best teams of the tournament will finish victorious. The grand final is scheduled to be held in person in November, as long as the health situation allows it. Throughout all the VALORANT Rising Series, a total of €40,000 in prizes will be awarded.

“We are grateful to Riot Games for trusting us to organize the most important VALORANT competition in Spain in 2021. We have been a benchmark in Spain for ten years for our work in the development of the League of Legends scene, among other games, but now we also want to be involved with VALORANT, which is one of the company’s big bets for this year”, explains Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP.

The Genesis Cups, the starting point for the Rising Series will be a new step in the consolidation of VALORANT’s competition ecosystem in Spain, in which LVP has been working with the support of Riot Games for months. In this sense, in addition to producing the King of the Beta or broadcasting the Ignition Series in Spanish, LVP launched the Genesis Cups in October, a set of five independent tournaments open to teams and players and whose objective was to create the conditions for the new stars of the shooter to flourish, but also the first rivalries between teams or the first content creators.

The Genesis Cups were launched with Genesis Fuego, in which 55 teams participated and which brought together more than 395,000 accumulated spectators ‘online’, and they close tonight with Genesis Radiants, in which the best VALORANT teams from Spain and Portugal of the moment will compete.

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