AndaSeat, the top name in gaming chairs in the world, is announcing a strategic partnership with EXCEL ESPORTS, one of the most exciting e-sports organizations in the industry. 

The EXCEL team members will be using the newest and most ground-breaking ergonomically designed AndaSeat gaming chairs – the EXCEL Edition, which will keep them playing at world-class levels of comfort and performance.  

The Excel chair is co-designed based on the Andaseat model Dark Demon, and will be upgraded with specialized ergonomic design and high-end materials, which targets for a higher performance gaming style for e-sporters across the world. 

Zhou Lin, CEO & Founder of AndaSeat stated that

“AndaSeat resolves to change the status quo in ergonomics of chairs, just as EXCEL aims to change the status quo in the world of esports. Gamers can take on the best and become the best, without sacrificing any comfort, and style.” 

The EXCEL Edition looks like a throne fit for kings – with a Black & Retro Green combination which symbolizes the spirit of rebellion and excellence.

With racing style cut-outs, the EXCEL logo “XL” and the sword symbols on the backrest blending perfectly into the matte texture, PU covered 4D armrests which will enable you to rest your elbows and arms at any angle.  

AndaSeat’s AD+ Design focuses on the human figure, so its main objective is to decrease fatigue and increase comfort through professional design and manufacturing. The Re-DenseAD+ Moulded Foam is high-density (60kg/m³ density) and with its unibody design, provides the ultimate in comfort and healthy, long lasting gaming posture as well as correct lumbar support. This amazing chair comes with a memory foam lumbar pillow and an H-shape head pillow. 

Ergonomic support is the name of the game for this chair.

The backrest alleviates stress on back muscles and the barrel design of the backrest provides a sense of wrapping and stronger support. 

The AndaSeat’s SyncTiltAD+ Reclining Back tilts from 90° to 160°, ensuring the torso-to-thigh angle is not less than 90°.  

The EXCEL Edition has 4D armrests – there are four ways to adjust their position with the buttons and levers – forward & backward, up & down, left & right, and angled inward & outward. 

Another novelty that will be featured in this new model is the Excel desk, which will be based on the Mask 2. The desk will feature a carbon fiber texture, RGB LED light on the surface, headphone hook, edge wrapped design, among many industry leading features.  

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