The Magnum ice cream brand, Nº 1 in Spain*, makes its landing in the eSports sector thanks to the Superliga, the highest national League of Legends tournament organized by Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (LVP, MEDIAPRO Group).
Magnum, a brand owned by Frigo, will be the protagonist in all Super League games from May 31st, the start date of the tournament, where it will sponsor the first turret, also called towers,  on each map.

In League of Legends one of the objectives of each team is to demolish the enemy’s towers, the first turret being the one assigned the greatest value both on a symbolic level, since it can mark a turning point in establishing the difference between one team and another, as well as on a gaming level, because the rewards for destroying the first turret include the victorious team earning a significant amount of extra gold.
Magnum Tarrinas, launched in 2017, is the product of choice to sponsor the first turret. These tubs have a unique design thanks to the chocolate coating, sauce and crunchy chocolate swirls that break like the turrets of League of Legends, in this case ensuring Magnum moments are even more delightful.

Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP said:

“It is a genuine delight, never better said, to welcome Magnum to the League of Legends Super League. At LVP we are Spanish-speaking world leaders in the organization of video game tournaments, so it is with great pride that we welcome the Nº 1 ice cream brand in Spain, a benchmark for consumers. I am sure that our fans will welcome Magnum with open arms.”

Xavier Mon, Foods and Refreshment Leader in Spain added:

“At Magnum we are very happy to be able to collaborate with the Liga de Videojuegos Profesional and to establish a brand presence in the league of such a renowned video game as League of Legends. We hope that all users and participants can enjoy breaking the iced chocolate layer of our Magnum tubs as they watch the first turret demolished in each Superliga game.”,
The Superliga returns on May 31st  with the first day of its summer season, in which fans will be able to enjoy, the replay of the spring final between UCAM Esports Club, brand new champion, and Cream Real Betis .
The agreement between LVP and Magnum has the backing of Well Played Brands and Agencia People, who have played a strategic and creative role in proposing the association of the Magnum tub with the landmark of the first turret.

About LVP

Liga de Videojuegos Profesional is one of the largest operators of video game competitions in the world and the largest eSports organization in the Spanish language.

Through its headquarters in Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and Mexico, LVP has a presence in more than 30 countries.

It organizes the most prestigious national competitions (such as the Superliga in Spain or the Liga Master Flow in Argentina) and large international tournaments, it has online competition platforms (ArenaGG), it manages events for third parties (such as the Santander eLaLiga for LaLiga and Electronic Arts) and distributes world events such as the League of Legends European Championship (c) in Spanish. Part of the MEDIAPRO Group, LVP also provides event production, advertising and audiovisual production services, covering all aspects of the eSports ecosystem. 

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