Scientific progress has reached the point that you no longer need a beefy installation to spend an evening with an exciting game. Only an Internet connection – and you get a wide range of browser games, which do not lag behind the classic ones and even surpass them.

This type of game has many advantages. In most cases they are free, many of them allow you to save your game progress. The multiplayer mode allows you to play with friends and with other players from all over the world. Computers with low performance, low memory, empty Steam library – all these problems remained in the last century and the era of browser games has come.

Simple gameplay, multiplayer mode like Agario private server, undemanding to high computer performance, combined with interesting and well-developed plots. What else does a gamer need?

We have collected browser games for every taste. The best and free ones.


Fantastic worlds – ELVENAR, SPELUNKY.



Games for a minute or an hour – POWDER GAME, CHROME OFFLINE DINOSAUR.


Released in 2012, Forge of Empires (FOE) is the newest online strategy game from InnoGames. Today it is one of the most popular browser games that periodically releases updates. You can save your progress not only in the browser but also in the same name app for iOS and Android.

Forge of Empires is a unique time travel opportunity. The game begins in the Stone Age. Using strategic and leadership skills, expand your empire right in the browser. The glory and greatness of your nation are not limited to the Modern era. You can even colonize other planets and create prosperous cities.

Human history is multifaceted and amazing, and this game is a good example of this.


What about the history of Ancient Egypt? In the free ANOCRIS simulator, build your ancient Egyptian city and become a mighty pharaoh. For 3000 years, you need to not only revive the empire but also create a powerful army and capture the Nile coast.

Developing a small settlement is not an easy task, so you will need the help of the Egyptian gods. Arrange festivals in their honor and build up your strength to develop your empire faster.


If in previous games we were immersed in different eras that humanity passed through, then here you will encounter its technical achievement.

You will become a railway tycoon, delivering the necessary supplies to the city. Make a profit and invest in your company to expand your sphere of influence.

You have 50 cities around the world at your disposal. Detailed gameplay and good drawing will not leave you indifferent. And what about a pinch of history? Rail Nation is divided into six historical eras with typical trains and infrastructure. Follow the evolution of rail transport and see it in action.

This game focuses on diplomatic skills and cooperation to achieve the desired results.


Another fantasy city-building browser game. In this mysterious world, you can choose the side of people or elves, each one has its features. The main strength of the elves is powerful magic, and the race of people possesses medieval weapons.

Over 200 different upgrades can be researched and unlocked in the online world of Elvenar. Completing game tasks, expand territories, and collect relics that will help you turn a small village into a powerful kingdom.


Spelunky is a browser game that generates different levels every time. Explore dungeons with monsters, travel through evergreen jungles or ice caves, find mysterious treasures in Egyptian temples.

Despite the simple gameplay, the game always remains a mystery and keeps you intrigued. The multiplayer mode allows you to play with friends or compete with each other. Become a real Lara Croft and immerse yourself in a mysterious world for several hours.


The glory of Game of Thrones will be eternal and it continues in the licensed browser game of the same name. Two well-known creations have gathered here at once: the popular HBO series and the best book of the 21st century.

You have a unique opportunity not only to plunge into the atmosphere of political wars and intrigues but also to control the course of events by yourself. You play as the Lord of Westeros, who desperately strives to mend peace between the Seven Kingdoms.

You have to create an army and a Powerful kingdom, as well as attract real characters from the series to your team. With the support of Arya Stark, Jon Snow, and other key characters, compete with other lords. The future of not only yours, but all the Seven Kingdoms depends on you.


TETR.IO is an all-time classic among puzzle games, worthy of being played in browser mode.

The game has several difficulty levels. Start from the easiest ones and upgrade your skills to reach new heights. The game has an advanced system and settings. You can adjust the parameters of the smoothness of the figures’ movements, the coefficient of falling, and others based on your preferences.

To heat the excitement, invite your friends and compete with them in multiplayer mode.


The classic PC game is now available in browser mode. OpenArena is a 3D first-person shooter game for Quake III Arena fans. To start playing, you just need to choose a server or create a private one. Invite your friends or fight offline with bots. Challenge your enemies to compete in a 1v1 game and determine the strongest one forever.


Survivor Legacy is an innovative zombie-themed war strategy game. Evil world businessmen unleashed a zombie apocalypse and plunged the world into misery. Your task is to rid the world of bloodthirsty zombies.

Team up with other survivors to create a strong army and save humanity. Use your critical thinking and strategic skills, because zombies are not as simple as they seem to be. This deadly horde destroys everything in its path – fight for yourself and the future of the planet.


Face the elements online. This game does not require any skills, but it satisfies an inquisitive mind.

You have at your disposal a blank canvas and about 30 different powders, including the elements (water, fire, wind), wildlife (birds, insects), plants, minerals, and more. Combine different powders and watch the reaction.

This is a great opportunity to keep yourself occupied for a while and realize desires that can even be dangerous in real life.


A unique game that doesn’t even require an internet connection. While you wait for the internet to resume, spend this time with the cute dinosaur from Google. Press the spacebar and go on an endless journey with the dinosaur. Jump over obstacles and set new records.

These are just a few of the browser games that immerse you in fantasy worlds. Don’t forget about browser protection against attacks and have a great time!

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