Electronic Arts has decided to cancel all FIFA 21 international tournaments scheduled in recent weeks. The uncertainty of the pandemic weighs on the decision

International FIFA 21 tournaments canceled due to pandemic, EA will distribute prize pools among all qualifiers.

The upcoming FIFA 21 international esports events have been canceled.

Electronic Arts, the game’s producer, has decided to cancel the FIFA eNations Cup and FIFAe World Cup entirely due to the current pandemic uncertainty and its “continuing impact on flights and events”.

The company explained that it was, in particular, the increase in cases and the “consequent restrictions on global flights” that impacted the teams and players who had qualified.

At the FIFAe Nations Cup, Italy would have participated for the first time:

The FIFAe Nations Cup was scheduled for August 20-22 in Copenhagen, Denmark, while the World Cup was to be hosted in London, England next weekend.

Electronic Arts will distribute the prize equally among all teams and players who qualified:

“All players qualified for the FIFAe World Cup will receive their share individually, whereas the associations will receive their share for the FIFAe Nations Cup”.

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