The metaverse space has recently experienced a massive boost, mostly contributed by the wider extension of the blockchain industry, growing adoption of NFT, and Facebook’s rebranding as Meta in 2021. The rapid development of the metaverse has created a significant opportunity for the gaming industry, as the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model has become extremely popular among the NFT and blockchain community. 

Despite its recent progression, P2E or crypto games have several underlying problems that do not inspire positive user feedback. 

Cornerstones of Blockchain Game Development

First, development teams tend to focus more on marketing, rather than on improving the user experience. Most metaverse gaming projects follow the current trend of the crypto world – to make money faster. So, the lion’s share of the budget is spent on marketing and promotions, leaving fewer resources for development and troubleshooting. 

This is the reason why we are seeing fewer AAA titles in this space. The majority of the popular P2E games have mediocre graphics at best with poor optimization. Those that do provide strong visual experiences, often lag in plot design. Metaverse games often suffer from lazy writing, unengaging plots, and little to no storylines. 

Another major problem with current Play-to-Earn games is the unstable in-game economy and the high risk of financial losses. Binance CEO Zhao also emphasized this problem in a recent tweet, saying that when in-game revenue models depend on incentives, the coin price will inevitably crash because of oversupply. So, the key is to build a reward system based on products that people already use. 

The Farcana Gaming Metaverse addresses many of these issues. The project integrates the NFTs with powerful AI to provide gamers with an immersive virtual world that showcases next-gen graphics and an intriguing battle royal plot. 

Farcana, focusing on the product value

The Farcana Metaverse towers above mainstream crypto games, as the team’s priority is ensuring the quality of the game. Typical crypto games in the market today tend to release little to no updates. Without constant updates and new functions, gamers naturally outflow over time as the games become unengaging and often repetitive. 

Farcana’s development team is focused on creating product value so that the game can retain users over time and keep them engaged with new functions and features. The project roadmap promises that quarterly updates will keep bringing new elements to the game. Scheduled multiplatform release, including iOS and Android, is intended to help create an inclusive gaming community. 

At the heart of the project is the remarkable executive team, which is divided into two departments: Farcana Labs and Farcana Studios. Both departments operate from the project’s central office in the Hive JVC Business Center in Dubai. 

Farcana Labs: tapping into innovation 

The Farcana Labs is coordinated by the CSO Dr. Dmitry Mikhailov, a professor at the National University of Singapore, a UN expert contractor, and a Deeptech Entrepreneur. Under his direction, Farcana’s creative developers build immersive reality and implement it in the game. 

Throughout this project, the team has achieved some remarkable milestones, such as developing integrated VR glasses to observe the Metaverse surrounding, an exoskeleton to feel the strikes and blows in real-time, VR boots, and track simulators to experience the in-game terrains, and the avatar’s movements. Farcana Labs has developed advanced Deeptech such as a fitness watch and a neuro helmet to collect data on gamers’ reactions in real-time and adjust the in-game settings according to the player’s emotions and reactions. 

This advanced AI technology helps gamers to reduce stress and automatically adjusts the difficulty level based on the player’s comfort zone. These are just some of the advanced immersive functions that Farcana Labs have developed for the Farcana Metaverse. 

Farcana Studio: creating high-quality UX

Farcana Studio creates the plot and game’s graphics and adjusts them according to the UX research. The team integrates P2E methodologies with the best solutions from the eSports gaming industry. 

The studio team ensures that all visual elements of the game meet Triple-A standards. Farcana Studio works with game developers, UX managers, designers, and a psychologist to advise on plot directions.

Community Support and Corporate Culture 

Unlike other crypto game developers, Farcana Studio emphasizes conducting user tests to gather unbiased feedback on its development. The project is currently preparing a whitelist to allow experienced players to experience Farcana before its market launch. Farcana’s active support team answers every user inquiry through its official telegram channel. Farcana studio analyzes all user data and feedback to constantly make the user experience better.

Farcana’s dedicated team has a unique corporate culture that stands out among most gaming and blockchain projects. Instead of embracing the remote working culture, the team created a common working and living space for better collaboration and communication among the members. This approach contributes to fast and smooth business processes with no red tape and promotes effective ideas exchange through common spirit, shared knowledge, and fruitful daily brainstorming sessions.   

Farcana Metaverse is a next-gen Triple-A gaming metaverse project. It aims to change the Play-to-Earn industry by introducing a high-quality and economically stable title – with a richer user experience that is unparalleled to most blockchain games today. 

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