Vladyslav “lattykk” Vydrin joins VP.Prodigy CS:GO roster as a sniper. During the test games Vlad managed to impress the players and coach alike, showcasing a great set of skills, especially considering his young age.

Vladyslav “lattykk” Vydrin, VP.Prodigy player in CS:GO:

“In the beginning of my career I used to play in some mixed rosters and run-of-the-mill LANs that brought about several invites from other teams. NAVI Junior seemed a good choice to me at the time. After they started kicking Russian players, Virtus.pro invited me to test games. As you can see, everything went well and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ll put in my sweat and tears and won’t back down.”

Evgeny “delus1onn” Plottsov is stepping down from the active roster and being put on a transfer list. 

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Current VP.Prodigy CS:GO roster:

Armen “cheerful” Eskuzyan;

Eugene “r3salt” Frolov;

Ivan “lom1k” Ovsyanik;

Vladyslav “lattykk” Vydrin;

Vladislav “Flash_1” Bykov (coach);

Evgeny “delus1onn” Plottsov (benched).

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