Apex Legends, the new game of Respawn presented a few weeks ago, is preparing for its first international tournament with a dizzying prize pool

Great expectations then between players and fans of esports around the world, for the official presentation of Apex Legends Challenge, the videogame tournament organized by Respawn in collaboration with Twitch Rivals that will involve 48 of the most famous streamer ready to fight for the fabulous $ 200,000 prize pool. The tournament will be divided into two brackets: Europe and North America, with $ 100,000 put up for grabs for each region’s streamers. The Apex Legends Twitch Rivals challenge will be played in two days: 12 and 19 February. The European bracket will start at 6:00 pm, while the North American bracket at 10:00 pm. The tournament in each region will feature eight teams of three players (24 players in total) that will play separately in public online games over a four hour time period trying to get as many points as possible. Teams will have unlimited attempts within that time frame and the scoring system will be based on the following criteria: wins – 5 points: kills – 1 point. The teams will be ranked on a ranking based on the amount of points they will be able to earn during the competition. Since there will be four rounds (two European and two US), each round will present a prize pool of $ 50,000 that will be distributed to the eight teams in the competition.

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