The High School Esports League (HSEL) has announced a new partnership with the famous computer hardware production company MSI

In an official statement, on the occasion of the presentation of the Spring Major, HSEL announced the new commercial agreements undertaken with MSI, which will bring the total prize money of the Overwatch, Rocket League and League of Legends tournaments to come to more than $ 174,000.

The prizes to be won will be provided in the form of equipment for teams and players, in fact the gamers of the first eight teams for each game will be a Siberian gaming headset MSI, the gaming keyboard GK-701 and the gaming mouse Interceptor DS300. Meanwhile, the winning team for each game will earn an MSI Sports Arena configuration for its high school, which includes six MSI Trident X desktop computers and six GE63 RGB Raider laptops. The Spring Major cycle starts on March 18 with the regular season and then ends on May 26 with the nine final matches of the Spring Major.

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