The Southeast Asian team EVOS Esports finds new funding of $ 3.8 million

EVOS Esports, the sports organization based in Indonesia, announced the achievement of new loans, with an increase of $ 3.8 million. EVOS has not publicly disclosed the names of investors, sharing only that they include an Indonesian company and an important Singaporean VC.

• Investor identity has yet to be revealed, only that it is a “prominent” Singapore VC.

• The funds will be used to expand into new regions, also investing in support staff and training facilities.

The funding will be used to expand its operations throughout Southeast Asia with plans to manage teams in India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan. EVOS also plans to strengthen its infrastructure by recruiting more support staff, including a psychologist, and by improving its training facilities.

At the moment EVOS puts teams in nine different competitive titles, also managing several creators of content, including “Jess No Limit”, which alone has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube. The team also made a major effort in developing its social media platforms and became the first esports team in Southeast Asia to reach 1M of followers on Instagram.

Currently, EVOS has a diverse group of sponsors, including Lenovo and Nimo TV, along with the non-endemic Indonesian brands Gojek and Traveloka.

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