Disney and Mars Media have announced that SAP will become the official Mars Dota League (MDL) analyst partner, Disneyland Paris Major

The SAP software company will support the Dota2 event in Paris, creating new broadcasting features. The partnership – brought back to eSports Activity, and was mediated by the Lagardère Sports marketing website and the financial conditions I am not disseminating.

SAP will utilize the proprietary database management system in SAP Hana memory to provide game dates during the transfer. This will be provided in collaboration with Layerth, a start-up that focuses on the visualization based on the data of the game statistics.

“SAP and an absolute leader in the world of digital data,” said Aymeric Magne, director of Disney Global Events – “With several offices in Paris and I worked with SAP technology for years, this is a great step to intensify the report. “

For SAP, this partnership is the third collaboration of the company for a Dota 2 Major.

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