OGN and Supercell will be partners of the Clash Royale League (CRL) which is about to return for its second season, with a prize pool of at least $ 1 million dollars

The South Korean OGN television network will produce the Clash Royale League for the western and Asian regions (but not for China), as well as any end-of-season world finals. The newly consolidated CRL West region represents the first part of this agreement, with transmissions starting from the OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach, California, in late May.

With OGN at the helm, the Clash Royale League will set up some previously announced changes. First of all, the new CRL region of the west will move from a vertical, but at the same time fragmentary, vertical orientation used in the regions of North America, Europe and Latin America last season

In addition, there will be both spring and autumn seasons – the western regions have only had one season in 2018 – and the OGN will offer broadcasts in Spanish and Portuguese alongside English. Although produced in different facilities, transmissions in the western and Asian region of OGN “will bring a coherent theme and maintain that consistent quality of production,” said Lee.

The move also promotes OGN’s North American ambitions. In October, the company would have to spend at least $ 100 million to expand into the region, starting with the PUBG NPL and the debut of the Super Arena OGN. “Last year, we launched a major initiative in the United States, and what helps is that a game like Clash Royale has a vast and vast global audience and also a large presence in the United States,” said Lee. “It helps us work with [companies] and establish relationships here in the United States.”

OGN and Supercell have not yet confirmed a date, but with a start in late May scheduled for the CRL Spring season, it won’t take long before we see the fruits of their work.

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